Articles of Incorporation

International Association for the Advancement of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC Association)

§ 1 Name / Registered Office

1 The name of the association is “International Association for the Advancement of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography” (HPTLC Association). It is an organization pursuant to Article 60ff of the Swiss Code of Civil Law.

2 It is based in Rheinfelden/Switzerland.

§ 2 Purpose

1 The HPTLC Association shall promote the use of HPTLC in plant analysis and other analytical fields.

2 By bringing together representatives from academia, industry, research, regulatory and standard-setting bodies, the Association particularly aims to

  • Develop and validate common standards and methods for analysis of plants and their adulterants, and other analytical fields.
  • Establish and maintain an “International HPTLC Atlas for Identification of Herbal Drugs (Atlas)” as a recognized reference tool for quality control.
  • Serve the scientific community as the worldwide leading resource for HPTLC information and expert training on the technique.

Support pharmacopoeias and similar organizations of individual countries or regions with expertise, guidance, methods and validation data

3 In pursuing its objectives, the HPTLC Association may publish educational materials, issue guidelines and journals and organize scientific meetings, educational and training events. It may liaise with scientific societies, governments or governmental agencies as well as industry in pursuance of its purposes.

§ 3 Membership

1 The HPTLC Association consists of individual members.

2 The Board of Directors (Board) shall decide at its own discretion on the admission of members on the basis of a written application, which has to be submitted according to the procedure set forth in the HPTLC Association’s Bylaws. In submitting the application, the member accepts the provisions in these Articles of Incorporation as well as compliance with the stipulations in the Bylaws.

3 The membership fee is determined by the Board.

4 Resignation from the HPTLC Association may be declared in writing to the Board at any time.

5 The Board may exclude members from the HPTLC Association at any time, if a member contravenes with the interest of the HPTLC Association. In addition, the Board is entitled to exclude any member from the HPTLC Association, without being obliged to give any reason. Its decision is final.

6 Persons who have resigned or have been excluded shall have no claims to the assets of the HPTLC Association.

§ 4 Bodies

1 The bodies of the HPTLC Association are:

b. the Board of Directors (Board)

c. the Advisory Board

a. the Assembly of Members

§ 5 Board of Directors (Board)

1 The Board shall consist of a maximum of 5 voting members.

2 The members of the Board are elected by the Assembly of Members by a simple majority. They shall be elected for a term of 4 years.

3 The executive power of the HPTLC Association shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The Board shall pass resolutions with the majority of the members present at the Board meeting. The President has the casting vote. Decisions by the Board may be taken by circular letter.

4 The Board shall elect its President, the Chairperson of the Advisory Board, the Chairperson of the Method Review Committee as well as the Treasurer from among its elected members. The Board may appoint additional ad hoc non-voting members to deal with particular matters.

5 The Board shall issue Bylaws, stipulating the representation of the HPTLC Association as well as the standard operating procedures of the HPTLC Association and its bodies. The Bylaws are periodically revised and brought to the attention of the Assembly of Members.

§ 6 Advisory Board

1 Members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the Board of Directors for a term of 4 years.

2 The responsibilities and competencies of the Advisory Board are stipulated in the HPTLC Association’s Bylaws.

§ 7 Assembly of Members

1 The Assembly of Members is convened by the Board and is the supreme body of the HPTLC Association.

2 Each member has one vote. The Assembly of Members shall discuss and vote on the proposals that are submitted and duly announced by the Board and passes its resolutions by a majority of the members present, with the exception of the stipulations in paragraph 9.

3 Decision by the Assembly of Members may be taken by circular letter.

§ 8 Finances and Liability

1 The HPTLC Association’s major source of income will be:

a. Donations and contributions

b. Grants from public and private institutions

c. Membership fees

2 The liabilities and obligations of the HPTLC Association towards third parties may be enforced only against its assets.

3 The responsibility of a member towards the HPTLC Association’s liability is limited to the annual membership due which is fixed by the Assembly of Members.

§ 9 Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Dissolution

1 Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and the dissolution of the HPTLC Association require a qualified majority of 2/3 of the members present. The President has the casting vote.

§ 10 Final Provisions

1 The present Articles of Incorporation have been enacted at the founding Assembly of Members on January, 27 2012.