HPTLC Association

1.   What is the HPTLC Association?

  • An international, non-commercial, non-profit association according to Swiss law.
  • Founded in 2012 in Switzerland as “The International Association for the Advancement of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC Association)” by 15 scientists from 7 countries.
  • In 2022, the Association has more than 170 members from 21 countries and 6 continents
  • Currently local chapters serve Australia, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Newly Independent States (NIS), North America, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

2.   Our Mission

  • To promote the use of HPTLC in plant analysis.
  • To promote the use of HPTLC in various fields such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and environmental analysis.
  • To bring together HPTLC users and representatives from academia, industry, research, regulatory and standard-setting bodies.
  • To contribute to the improvement of quality and quality control of traditional herbal medicines and herbal dietary (food) supplements.

3.   Our Goals

  • Develop and validate standards and methods for the analysis of plants and their adulterants.
  • Develop and validate standards and methods for other analytical fields.
  • Establish and maintain an “International HPTLC Atlas for Identification of Herbal Drugs (Atlas)” as a globally recognized reference tool for quality control.
  • Serve the analytical community as the worldwide leading resource for scientifically sound information about HPTLC and provide expert training.
  • Support pharmacopoeias and similar organizations with expertise, guidance, methods and validation data.

4.   We want to make things happen!

  • We liaise with scientific societies, professional associations, governmental agencies, as well as the industry.
  • We organize scientific meetings and educational / training events.
  • The HPTLC Association publishes educational materials, issues guidelines, and contributes to journals.
  • We publish for free download: the “HPTLC Method Collection” and the “International Atlas for Identification of Herbal Drugs”.


5.   Become a member of HPTLC Association!

  • The HPTLC Association is an organization of individual members only. No corporate membership is available.
  • Members consider themselves as ambassadors of HPTLC and contribute to achieving the Association’s mission on their own or their employer’s resources. 
  • Membership is free.
  • Membership is exclusive and prestigious (please see our articles of incorporation and the bylaws).

6.   Become a sponsor or partner

Interested parties can support the activities of the Association as sponsor (providing direct financial support) or as partner (collaboration toward achieving common goals).