About the Method Collection

More than 300 methods for the identification of herbal drugs and herbal drug preparations and for the identification of substance classes are available in this collection. All methods follow the Association’s HPTLC Standard Operating Procedure. Many of these methods or their modifications were adopted in monographs for herbal drugs or dietary supplements published by the European and the United States Pharmacopoeias.

Each method is suitable for identification of the herbal drug specified in its title. Many methods also allow the discrimination of related drugs derived from the same genus or other genera.

Before implementing one of the Association’s methods in quality control, appropriate transfer validation must be performed. Data are only valid if the system suitability test for a method is met on the individual HPTLC plate.  HPTLC fingerprints shown in the methods are representative of the samples used by members of the Association. Fingerprints obtained when applying this method may vary from sample to sample. Analysts must validate the most appropriate fingerprint for their identity standard.

The collection is continuously expanding, and methods are frequently updated (only the latest version is kept). The list can be sorted by the publication date, plant part, or the scientific plant name. To search for a method of an article, please press Ctrl+F and type the name of the article.

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