The Board of Directors will evaluate the submitted applications and will decide at its own discretion on the admission. In addition to supporting the goals of the HPTLC Association and interest to actively contribute to the worldwide HPTLC community, a potential member is required to adhere to the Articles of Incorporation as well as to the Bylaws.

An application for membership to the HPTLC Association will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated expertise in HPTLC
  • Proof of serious interest in HPTLC as defined by the Association
  • Capability to contribute to the mission of the Association

Checklist for Applicants

  1. Read the Articles of Incorporation as well as the Bylaws of the Association.
  2. Please fill in the Application form and sign it. Press the “send” button or create an email to
  3. Attach your CV and a profile of your current employer
  4. Attach a list of your HPTLC relevant publications
  5. If available attach a copy of your current SOP concerning HPTLC and or TLC work