HPTLC Association

The International Association for the Advancement of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC Association) promotes the use of HPTLC in plant analysis and other analytical fields. The Association brings together representatives from academia, industry, research, regulatory and standard setting bodies.

HPTLC Method Collection

More than 300 methods for the identification of herbal drugs and the identification of substance classes are available for free download from the HPTLC Association’s method collection. All methods strictly follow the Association’s HPTLC Standard Operating Procedure. Many of the methods were adopted in pharmacopoeial monographs for herbal drugs or dietary supplements.

The International ATLAS for Identification of Herbal Drugs

In a collaborative effort, the HPTLC Association develops and maintains the "International HPTLC Atlas for Identification of Herbal Drugs" (Atlas), a database and reference tool for setting specification and acceptance criteria for quality and quality control of herbal drugs.

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