Botanical Information Chaenomeles lagenaria (Loisel.) Koidz. (procuring samples)

Synonyms Chaenomeles angustifolia Koidz.
Chaenomeles angustifolia var. eburnea (Carrière) Nakai
Chaenomeles cardinalis (Carrière) Nakai
Chaenomeles eburnea (Carrière) Nakai
Chaenomeles eugenioides Koidz.
Chaenomeles japonica var. cardinalis Carrière
Chaenomeles japonica var. eburnea Carrière
Chaenomeles japonica var. genuina Maxim.
Chaenomeles speciosa (Sweet) Nakai
Chaenomeles speciosa f. alba (G.Lodd.) H.Hara
Chaenomeles speciosa f. eburnea (Carrière) H.Hara
Chaenomeles speciosa f. extuscoccinea (Carrière) H.Hara
Chaenomeles speciosa f. gaujardii (Lem.) H.Hara
Chaenomeles speciosa f. papeleusii (Lem.) H.Hara
Chaenomeles speciosa f. tortuosa (Nakai) H.Hara
Cydonia japonica var. lagenaria (Loisel.) Makino
Cydonia lagenaria Loisel.
Cydonia speciosa Sweet
Cydonia umbato M.Roem.
Common name (en) Flowering quince
Common name (de) Chinesische Zierquitte
Common name (es) Membrillo de flor
Common name (ja) ボケ
Common name (ko) 산당화
Common name (zh) 皱皮木瓜

Sample preparation To 1 g of the powder add 10 mL of chloroform, ultrasonicate for 30 min, and filter. Evaporate the filtrate to dryness, dissolve the residue in 2 mL of a mixture of methanol, chloroform 1:3 (v/v) as the test solution
Mobile phase Cyclohexane, ethyl acetate, acetone, formic acid 6:0.5:1:0.1 (v/v/v/v)
Derivatization Spray with 10% sulfuric acid in ethanol and heat at 105°C until the spots appear
HPTLC Chromatograms (evaluated method)