Botanical Information Reynoutria multiflora (Thunb.) Moldenke (under development)

Synonyms Aconogonon hypoleucum (Ohwi) Soják
Bilderdykia multiflora (Thunb.) Roberty & Vautier
Fagopyrum multiflorum (Thunb.) Grint.
Fallopia multiflora (Thunb.) Haraldson
Fallopia multiflora var. angulata (S.Y.Liu) H.J.Yan, Z.J.Fang & Shi X.Yu
Fallopia multiflora var. hypoleuca (Ohwi) Yonek. & H.Ohashi
Helxine multiflorum (Thunb.) Raf.
Pleuropterus cordatus Turcz.
Pleuropterus hypoleucus Nakai
Pleuropterus multiflorus (Thunb.) Turcz. ex Nakai
Polygonum hypoleucum (Nakai) Kudô & Sasaki
Polygonum hypoleucum Ohwi
Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.
Polygonum multiflorum var. angulatum S.Y.Liu
Polygonum multiflorum var. hypoleucum (Ohwi) T.S.Liu, S.S.Ying & M.J.Lai
Common name (de) Vielblütiger Knöterich
Common name (es) Fo-ti
Common name (fr) Renouée à fleurs multiples
Common name (ko) 하수오
Common name (vi) Hà thủ ô đỏ
Common name (zh) 何首烏

Sample preparation To 0.25 g of the powder add 50 mL of ethanol, heat under reflux on a water bath for 1 h. , filter, and concentrate the filtrate to 1 mL as the test solution
Mobile phase Petroleum ether (30-60ºC), ethyl formate, formic acid 15:5:1 (v/v/v)
Derivatization No derivatization
Sample preparation Weigh 0.2 g of the powdered sample and place it in a 50-mL conical flask, then add 20 mL of ethanol. Sonicate (240 W) the mixture for 30 min. Filter the mixture
Mobile phase Water, ethanol, ethyl acetate, acetic acid 4:2:1:0.5 (v/v/v/v)
Derivatization No derivatization