Botanical Information Eclipta prostrata (L.) L. (procuring samples)

Synonyms Acmella lanceolata Link ex Spreng.
Amellus carolinianus Walter
Anthemis abyssinica J.Gay ex A.Rich.
Anthemis cotula subsp. lithuanica (DC.) Tzvelev
Anthemis cotula var. hierosolymitana Eig
Anthemis cotula-foetida Crantz
Anthemis cotuloides Raf. ex DC.
Anthemis galilaea var. hierosolymitana (Eig) Yavin
Anthemis sulphurea Nyman Consp.
Anthemis viridis Blanco
Artemisia viridis Blanco Fl.
Baziasa humilis (Kunth) Steud.
Bellis ramosa Jacq.
Buphthalmum diffusum Vahl ex DC.
Chamaemelum foetidum Baumg.
Cotula alva (L.) L.
Cotula oederi Murray
Cotula prostrata (L.) L.
Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk.
Eclipta alba f. erecta Hassk.
Eclipta alba f. longifolia (Schrad.) Hassk.
Eclipta alba f. prostrata (L.) Hassk.
Eclipta alba f. zippeliana (Blume) Hassk.
Eclipta alba var. erecta Miq.
Eclipta alba var. longifolia (Schrad.) Bettfr.
Eclipta alba var. parviflora (Wall. ex DC.) Miq.
Eclipta alba var. prostrata (L.) Miq.
Eclipta alba var. zippeliana (Blume) Miq.
Eclipta angustifolia C.Presl
Eclipta ciliata Raf.
Eclipta dichotoma Raf.
Eclipta dubia Raf.
Eclipta erecta var. brachypoda Torr. & A.Gray
Eclipta erecta var. diffusa DC.
Eclipta erecta var. latifolia Willd. ex Walp.
Eclipta erecta var. prostrata (L.) Baker
Eclipta flexuosa Raf. New Fl.
Eclipta heterophylla Bartl.
Eclipta hirsuta Bartl.
Eclipta humilis Kunth
Eclipta linearis Otto ex Sweet
Eclipta longifolia Schrad.
Eclipta marginata Boiss.
Eclipta nutans Raf.
Eclipta oederi (Murray) Weigel
Eclipta parviflora Wall. ex DC.
Eclipta patula Schrad.
Eclipta patula Schrad.
Eclipta philippinensis Gand.
Eclipta procumbens var. patula Schrad.
Eclipta prostrata f. aureoreticulata Y.T.Chang
Eclipta prostrata var. undulata (Willd.) DC.
Eclipta prostrata var. zippeliana (Blume) J.Kost.
Eclipta pumila Raf.
Eclipta punctata L. Mant.
Eclipta simplex Raf.
Eclipta spicata Spreng.
Eclipta strumosa Salisb.
Eclipta sulcata Raf.
Eclipta thermalis Bunge
Eclipta tinctoria Raf.
Eclipta undulata Willd.
Eclipta zippeliana Blume
Ecliptica alba (L.) Kuntze
Ecliptica alba var. erecta Kuntze
Ecliptica alba var. parviflora (Wall. ex DC.) Kuntze
Ecliptica alba var. prostrata (L.) Kuntze
Ecliptica alba var. zippeliana (Blume) Kuntze
Eleutheranthera prostrata (L.)
Galinsoga oblongifolia (Hook.) DC.
Grangea lanceolata Poir.
Maruta cotula var. lithuanica DC.
Micrelium tolak Forssk.
Paleista brachypoda Raf.
Polygyne inconspicua Phil.
Sabasia humilis (Kunth) Cass.
Spilanthes pseudoacmella (L.) Murray
Verbesina alba L.
Verbesina conyzoides Trew
Verbesina prostrata L.
Verbesina pseudoacmella L.
Wedelia psammophila Poepp.
Wiborgia oblongifolia Hook.
Common name (en) False daisy
Common name (ar) منكسفة مفترشة
Common name (fr) Mahakanni
Common name (hi) भृङ्गराज
Common name (id) Urang-aring
Common name (ko) 한련초
Common name (ru) Эклипта простёртая
Common name (th) กะเม็ง
Common name (vi) Cỏ mực
Common name (zh) 鳢肠

Sample preparation To 0.5 g of the powdered herbal drug add 5 mL of methanol and sonicate at 60 °C for 10 min. Allow to cool, centrifuge and use the supernatant
Mobile phase Anhydrous formic acid, acetone, toluene 1:6:11 (v/v/v)
Derivatization Heat at 100 °C for 5 min and treat the plate whilst still hot with a 0.5 % v/v solution of diphenyl boric acid amino ethyl ester in ethyl acetate; examine
Sample preparation Extract 10 g of powdered drug with 100 mL of methanol twice by refluxing on a boiling water bath for 2 h each time. Filter and concentrate the combined extracts under vacuum to about 10 mL. Make a suspension by adding 40 mL of distilled water and shake it equal volume of diethyl ether twice. Collect the ether extracts and combine them, then remove the diethyl ether completely, to obtain the residue. Dissolve 10 mg of the residue in 5 mL of diethyl ether
Mobile phase Toluene, acetone, formic acid 11:6:1 (v/v/v)
Derivatization No derivatization