Botanical Information Nerium oleander L.

Synonyms Nerion oleandrum St.-Lag.
Nerium carneum Dum. Cours
Nerium flavescens Spin
Nerium floridum Salisb.
Nerium grandiflorum Desf.
Nerium indicum Mill.
Nerium indicum f. leucanthum (Makino) Okuyama
Nerium indicum f. lutescens (Makino) Okuyama
Nerium indicum subsp. kotschyi (Boiss.) Rech.f.
Nerium indicum var. aurantiacum Poit.
Nerium indicum var. leucanthum Makino
Nerium indicum var. lutescens Makino
Nerium indicum var. luteum Poit.
Nerium indicum var. ochroleucum Poit.
Nerium indicum var. odorum (Aiton) Poit.
Nerium indicum var. oxiacantholens Poit.
Nerium indicum var. plenum Makino Ill.
Nerium indicum var. ragonotii C.Morren
Nerium indicum var. splendens Poit.
Nerium japonicum Gentil
Nerium kotschyi Boiss.
Nerium latifolium Mill.
Nerium lauriforme Lam.
Nerium madonii M.Vincent
Nerium mascatense A.DC.
Nerium odoratissimum Wender.
Nerium odoratum Lam.
Nerium odorum Aiton
Nerium oleander atropurpureum-plenum Hovey
Nerium oleander subsp. kurdicum Rech.f.
Nerium oleander var. album G.Lodd.
Nerium oleander var. atropurpureum Van Houtte
Nerium oleander var. flore-variegato G.Lodd.
Nerium oleander var. indicum (Mill.) O.Deg. & Greenwell
Nerium oleander var. luteomarginatum Van Geert Nursery
Nerium oleander var. madonii-grandiflorum Hovey Nursery
Nerium oleander var. pictum-argenteum Van Geert Nursery
Nerium oleander var. radicans Poit.
Nerium splendens Paxton
Nerium thyrsiflorum Paxton
Oleander indica (Mill.) Medik.
Oleander vulgaris Medik.
Common name (en) Oleander
Common name (de) Oleander
Common name (fr) Laurier-rose
Common name (hi) कनेर
Common name (it) Oleandro
Common name (ja) キョウチクトウ
Common name (ko) 협죽도
Common name (nl) Oleander
Common name (ru) Олеандр
Common name (th) ยี่โถ
Common name (vi) Trúc đào
Common name (zh) 夾竹桃

Sample preparation To 0.5 g of the powdered herbal drug add 5.0 mL of methanol. Sonicate for 10 min and centrifuge.
Mobile phase Ethyl acetate, formic acid, water 80:10:10 (v/v/v)
Derivatization Heat at 100°C for 3 min, let the plate cool down, derivatize with NP reagent, and dry the plate for 2 min in a cold air flow. Record the images. Derivatize with anisaldehyde reagent, then heat the plate for 3 min at 100°C. Record images.
System Suitability Test (SST) Under development
Specific marker(s)

Under UV 366 nm, after derivatization

  • chlorogenic acid: light blue fluorescent zone RF ~ 0.38
  • hyperoside: yellow fluorescent zone RF ~ 0.41
  • isoquercitrin: yellow fluorescent zone RF ~ 0.45
  • Under white light, after derivatization AS

  • oleandrin: light blue zone RF ~ 0.83
  • ATLAS documents HPTLC Association Method document