Botanical Information Arnica montana L.

Synonyms Arnica lowii Holm
Cineraria cernua Thore
Common name (en) Mountain arnica
Common name (de) Echte Arnika
Common name (fr) Arnica des montagnes
Common name (it) Arnica
Common name (ru) Арника горная

Sample preparation Mix 2.0 g of powdered sample with 10 mL of methanol and sonicate for 15 minutes, then centrifuge the solution. Use the supernatant as test solution
Mobile phase Ethyl acetate, formic acid, water 90:6:9 (v/v/v)
Derivatization Heat at 100°C for 3 min, let the plate cool down, derivatize with the mixture (NP/PEG reagents), and dry the plate for 2 min in a cold air flow
System Suitability Test (SST) Under development
Specific marker(s) Under UV 366 nm, after derivatization
  • chlorogenic acid: blue fluorescent zone RF ~ 0.22
  • hyperoside: orange fluorescent zone RF ~ 0.25
  • rutin: orange fluorescent zone RF ~ 0.08
  • caffeic acid: blue fluorescent zone RF ~ 0.77
HPTLC Chromatograms (different origin(s))
HPTLC Chromatograms (related drug(s))
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