Botanical Information Piper betle L. (procuring samples)

Synonyms Artanthe hexagyna Miq.
Betela mastica Raf.
Chavica auriculata Miq.
Chavica betle (L.) Miq.
Chavica chuvya Miq.
Chavica densa Miq.
Chavica siriboa Miq.
Cubeba seriboa Miq.
Piper rubroglandulosum Chaveer. & Mokkamul
Piperi betlum (L.) St.-Lag.
Common name (en) Betel
Common name (ar) تنبول
Common name (de) Betelpfeffer
Common name (es) Betel
Common name (fr) Bétel
Common name (hi) पान
Common name (ja) キンマ
Common name (ko) 베틀후추
Common name (nl) Betelpeper
Common name (ru) Бетель
Common name (th) พลู
Common name (vi) Trầu không
Common name (zh) 蒌叶

Sample preparation Weigh about 0.5 g of P. betle dried leaf powder in a 50 mL screw-capped conical flask and add 10 mL of methanol. Macerate the mixture on water bath for 1 hour at 600 C. Cool the mixture to room temperature and filter. Use the filtrate as test solution
Mobile phase Toluene, ethyl acetate 48:2 (v/v)
Derivatization No derivatization