18 new / 53 updated HPTLC methods for free download

Since the beginning of the year, 18 new method documents have been added and 53 have been revised.

The HPTLC Association has now 284 method documents online available for download.

Please go here for the complete list https://www.hptlc-association.org/methods/methods.cfm


53 updated methods (Jan - May 2020):

  1. Achyranthes bidentata_root_HPTLC Association_V2
  2. Actaea racemosa_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  3. Actaea racemosa_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  4. Andrographis paniculata_Stem and leaf_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V3
  5. Angelica acutiloba_Root_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V2
  6. Angelica archangelica_Root and rhizome_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V3
  7. Angelica dahurica_Root_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V3
  8. Angelica gigas_Root_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V3
  9. Angelica pubescens_Root_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V3
  10. Angelica sinensis_Root_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V3
  11. Astragalus membranaceus_Root_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3 
  12. Bacopa monnieri_Herb_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V3
  13. Betula pendula leaf ZHAW_V3
  14. Boswellia serrata_Oleo-gum resin_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  15. Calendula officinalis_Flower_HPTLC Association_Ph. Eur._V2
  16. Camellia sinensis_Decaffeinated powdered extract_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  17. Centella asiatica_Aerial parts_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3
  18. Citrus x aurantium_Peel_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  19. Commiphora mukul_Oleo-gum resin_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  20. Commiphora myrrha_Oleo-gum resin_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  21. Conioselinum anthriscoides_Rhizome_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V2
  22. Curcuma longa_Rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V4
  23. Curcuminoids_Extract_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  24. Echinacea angustifolia_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  25. Echinacea pallida_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_UAP41-NF36_V2
  26. Echinacea purpurea_Aerial parts_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  27. Echinacea purpurea_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  28. Garcinia gummi-gutta_Fruit_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  29. Garcinia indica_Fruit_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  30. Gymnema sylvestre_Leaf and extract_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3
  31. Hydrastis canadensis_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  32. Justicia adhatoda_Leaf_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V3
  33. Lagerstroemia speciosa_Leaf_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3
  34. Levisticum officinale_Root and rhizome_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V3
  35. Lonicera japonica_Flower_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  36. Lonicera macranthoides_Flower_HPTLC Association_V2
  37. Matricaria chamomilla_Flower heads_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  38. Ocimum tenuiflorum_Leaf_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3 
  39. Olea europaea_Leaf_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2 
  40. Phyllanthus amarus_Herb_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V4 
  41. Piper nigrum_Fruit_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V3 
  42. Piper nigrum_Fruit_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3
  43. Rhodiola rosea_Root_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3 
  44. Salvia miltiorrhiza_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V3
  45. Salvia miltiorrhiza_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  46. Salvia rosmarinus_Leaf and leaf extract_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  47. Salvia rosmarinus_Leaf and leaf extract_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3
  48. Schisandra chinensis_Fruit_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3 
  49. Silybum marianum_Fruit_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V3
  50. Theobroma cacao_Bean_HPTLC Association_V2
  51. Urtica dioica and Urtica urens_Root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP DSC_V2
  52. Withania somnifera_Root_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V2
  53. Zingiber officinale_Rhizome_HPTLC Association_USP41-NF36_V3


18 new methods (Jan - May 2020):

  1. Angelica sylvestris_Rhizome_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH V1
  2. Arnica montana_Flower_HPTLC Association_V1
  3. Cullen corylifolium_Fruit_HPTLC Association_V1
  4. Hansenia forbesii_Root_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V1
  5. Hansenia weberbaueriana_Root and rhizome_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH_V1
  6. Ligusticum porteri_Root and rhizome_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH V1
  7. Nigella sativa_seed oil_Fixed oil_HPTLC Association_V1
  8. Nigella sativa_seed oil_Thymoquinone_HPTLC Association_V1
  9. Nigella sativa_seed_Thymoquinone_HPTLC Association_V1
  10. Oplopanax horridus_root and rhizome_HPTLC Association_AHP_V1
  11. Peucedanum ostruthium_Rhizome_HPTLC ATLAS_FHH V1
  12. Resins_Resin_HPTLC Association_V1
  13. Sclerocarya birrea_leaf_HPTLC Association_V1
  14. Stevia rebaudiana_leaf and leaf extract_HPTLC Association_V1
  15. Stevia rebaudiana_leaf and leaf extract_HPTLC Association_V1
  16. Syzygium aromaticum_ essential oil_HPTLC Association_V1
  17. Syzygium aromaticum_flower bud_HPTLC Association_V1
  18. Zingiber officinale_essential oil_HPTLC Association_V1