Botanical Information Artemisia capillaris Thunb. (procuring samples)

Synonyms Artemisia capillaris f. glabra Pamp.
Artemisia capillaris f. sericea (Nakai) Pamp.
Artemisia capillaris var. acaulis Pamp.
Artemisia capillaris var. arbuscula Miq.
Artemisia capillaris var. sachalinensis (Tilesius ex Besser) Pamp.
Artemisia capillaris var. sericea Nakai
Artemisia hallaisanensis f. parvula Pamp.
Artemisia hallaisanensis f. swatowiana Pamp.
Artemisia hallaisanensis var. formosana Pamp.
Artemisia hallaisanensis var. philippinensis Pamp.
Artemisia japonica f. vestita Pamp.
Artemisia sachalinensis Tilesius ex Besser
Draconia capillaris (Thunb.) Soják
Oligosporus capillaris (Thunb.) Poljakov
Common name (en) Yin Chen Hao
Common name (fr) Armoise capillaire

Sample preparation Weigh 1.0 g of the powdered sample and place it in a 50-mL conical flask, then add 25 mL of methanol (50%). Sonicate (220 W) the mixture for 30 min. Filter the mixture
Mobile phase Use the upper layer of a mixture of n-butyl acetate, formic acid, water 28:13:10 (v/v/v)
Derivatization No derivatization