2nd HPTLC Online User Meeting 2023: "HPTLC 4.0 - Awakening the Giant..."

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Dear participants,
Thanks to all of you for your presence and active participation in the 2nd HPTLC Online User Meeting 2023 focused on "HPTLC 4.0 - Awakening the Giant." Our aim was to ignite your curiosity and enthusiasm for the potential of HPTLC and its forthcoming advancements, and we hope that we were successful in doing so.

We are pleased to announce that the entire presentation can be conveniently streamed via our official YouTube channel, so you can catch up on missed content at your leisure.

2nd HPTLC Online User Meeting 2023

hosted by the International HPTLC Association


HPTLC 4.0  -  Awakening the Giant...

Date: Tuesday June 20th, 2023

During this insightful discussion, Eike Reich and Tiên Do will cover the following topics:

  • The evolution of HPTLC:
    Explore the remarkable journey of HPTLC, from its origins to its current state. Discover how this analytical technique has evolved over time and the significant advancements it has undergone.
  • The latest concepts in HPTLC and their practical applications:
    Learn about the cutting-edge concepts and innovations in HPTLC. Gain valuable insights into the latest developments in this field and explore how these concepts can be practically applied in various domains.
  • HPTLC 4.0  -  a vision of the future:
    Delve into the visionary perspectives of Eike Reich and Tiên Do as they discuss HPTLC 4.0. Understand how this new phase of HPTLC may shape the future of quality control and applied research. Explore the potential impact of HPTLC 4.0 on various industries.

The speakers:

Eike Reich is a founding member and the current President of the HPTLC Association.

He holds a Dr. rer. nat. degree in Natural Products Chemistry from Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany). From 1990 to 1998, he was Associate Professor at Longwood College (Farmville, VA, USA) and then joined CAMAG (Switzerland) as Head of Laboratory in 1998.

His professional activities focus on the advancement of HPTLC as a technique and applications of HPTLC, particularly for the analysis of herbal materials.

Dr. Reich is a member of Expert Groups of the Swiss, British, United States, and European Pharmacopoeias, and an observer of the WHO WPRO Forum for the harmonization of herbal medicines. He published more than 50 peer reviewed papers and the book “HPTLC for the analysis of medicinal plants

Tiên Do has been an active member of the HPTLC Association since 2013, demonstrating her dedication to the advancement of this analytical technique. In recognition of her exceptional contributions, she was appointed as the Secretary General of the HPTLC Association in 2022, assuming a pivotal role in shaping the association's future.

She defended her PhD thesis titled "Evaluation of HPTLC in the analysis of natural extracts" at the University of Nice, France. Her research focused on harnessing the power of HPTLC in analyzing natural extracts.

In 2014, Tiên joined CAMAG. Her dedication and expertise led her to be appointed as the head of the laboratory in 2022. In this position, Tiên spearheads scientific research at CAMAG, playing a vital role in shaping the development of HPTLC methods for diverse applications. She also takes charge of organizing training sessions, seminars, and workshops, imparting her knowledge to fellow researchers and enthusiasts.

Tiên's commitment to education extends beyond CAMAG. As a lecturer at the prestigious Leiden University metabolomics workshop, she shares her expertise with aspiring scientists, contributing to the growth and development of the analytical chemistry research community.


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